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We are one of India’s most reputed manufacturers of digital X-Ray Baggage Scanners and X-Ray Dental products, having our manufacturing facilities and office in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Our X-Ray Baggage scanners SDX Series comes with advanced technology and extreme reliability to provide the users with optimal security solutions. These X-Ray Baggage Scanners incorporate the world’s best technologies with capabilities to detect prohibited inorganic and organic materials like weapons, explosives, narcotics, etc. The ETS3107–SDX Series of Digital X-Ray Baggage Scanners has been developed to address various needs and is available in various sizes with different model name, such as 5030,6040,7555,100100, Isometric imaging (3D view),Vehicle Mounted X-Ray Baggage Scanner, Dual View X-Ray Baggage Scanner respectively. We have over 140 successful installations across India in governmental sectors as well as the private sector.

Why Choose Evolve ?

  • Own X-Ray Generator (100% Indigenous Product)
  • PAN India Onsite and Online Service Support
  • Internationally Competitive Product
  • Excellent Image Quality with Analysis Tools
  • In-house Software Development Team to provide online support and continual upgrades to the software as per customer requirements

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